Kiwi harvesting about to start

Kiwi harvesting about to start:

Kiwi harvesting from Iranian farms for direct consumption as fresh fruit is expected to start at the beginning of autumn in the Iranian calendar, September 23. After that exporters should send fruits after sorting, packaging, and internal transportation to departure ports or land borders until October 7.
According to the statistics provided by FAO Iran in 2019 with more than 12,700 hectares of land under cultivation and about 344,000 tonnes of production, was the fourth largest kiwi producer around the world.
Talesh and Astara regions in Gilan province on the Caspian sea coast are the most important kiwi cultivation areas in Iran. The region accounts for more than 50% of the country’s total production.
In this region, despite the cold storage and sorting units, exporters are sending their products to target markets including Russia, India, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, and so on.
But in order to prevent the export of unmatured fruit, the government does not allow exports of kiwi before October 7th. Also, some traders have sent premature fruit abroad in illegal ways But well-known exporters comply with time limits with the aim of securing consumers’ interests.
The Kiwi harvest is expected to last until late November. Iranian kiwi importers can order their products directly during the harvest period, i.e. September 23 to the end of November, which exporters will purchase their orders completely fresh and directly from farms. After that (from December to March) orders can be supplied from cold storage.
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